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Published November 8, 2016

I use this website to document my projects, but I've spent enough time on the website itself to consider it a project as well!


This website is a static site generated by zola. I've written all the HTML templates and styles by hand, rather than relying on any premade templates. That might be more effort than it's really worth, but I am proud of how much I'm able to trim down on compared to the average website.

The site is fully usable without JavaScript enabled. In fact, there's only one script on the entire site, and the only thing it does is copy donation addresses from the homepage to the clipboard when requested. It also pulls in no third-party resources, not even fonts or images. I don't need any obnoxious cookie banners because there are no cookies.


I serve the files from this website using a custom server implementation I coded using the actix framework, because it's in Rust and has really good performance on the TechEmpower benchmarks. Sure, it was a lot of work, but I justify that decision by hosting it on the absolute cheapest VPS I could find. It still loads much faster than most websites I've visited!

Building everything from scratch allows me to leave surveilance technology out altogether. There are no analytics collected about visitors, and HTTP connections are automatically upgraded to HTTPS.

I also use the same custom server program as a reverse-proxy for the demo version of my keyboard layout manager on kb.antonok.com.