Picture of nuboard


Published August 24, 2020

During my final year at Northeastern University, I led a team of five of my fellow classmates to build a virtual-reality-assisted PCB design review tool. Our project, called nuboard, allows electrical engineers and hobbyist circuit designers to more easily visualize and review their work using an intuitive three-dimensional interface. nuboard is a fully open source tool, forked from the KiCad PCB design suite with a frontend developed using the Godot engine. The source code is freely available on GitLab. We've created a quick demo video, as well as a more technical view of the software architecture.

The project had humble beginnings on the KiCad forums, but quickly grew into something that amazed even us. While building this project, we were actually able to fly out as a team to FOSDEM 2019 in Brussels, Belgium to meet with KiCad developers and discuss the project, which was an awesome experience!

Our final presentation was shared by the official KiCad Twitter account, and our project ended up winning first place in the EECE Capstone Competition! It was a lot of fun, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of my teammates: Ashwin Varghese, Inga Wei, Justin Torre, Mark Hunter, and Michael Hebert.